The reconstituted Kerala Olympic Association (KOA) in its very meeting itself announced short and long term plan for the betterment of Kerala Sports in general and for sportspersons in particular. Being the premier State Sports agency of Indian Olympic Association it has the responsibility to uphold the Olympic Message and Olympic Ideology throughout the State. KOA is committed to groom the talented Kerala sports persons to represent the Country & to win medals in various International Competitions including Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games etc. Keeping this as target KOA proposes world class training program to our talents, introducing good governance & professionalism in the administration of KOA and other Olympic Sports Associations, enriching the standard of Sports Competitions, supporting the talented sportspersons to overcome their sports & personal difficulties if any, and to bring in a unique sports culture in the State of Kerala titled” sports for all “, for maintaining good physic , healthy mind and to bring in peace to the society through Olympic Movement. In order to implement this project in the State, KOA has decided to introduce a scheme titled “Kerala Olympic Sports Promotion and Benevolent Scheme” (KOSPBS). Under this scheme KOA will raise sufficient fund through various sources including CSR and will undertake various sports promotion and benevolent schemes for the welfare of sports associations, sportspersons and sports administrators.

KOA proposes to constitute a high power committee to oversee and monitor the functioning of the project. To bring in total transparency in the functioning of the Committee, KOA has decided to nominate a Retired High Court Justice as its Chairman. Renowned and reputed persons from various walks of life and representatives from various Organisations will form the part of this Committee. All proposals coming for the consideration of KOSPBS will be scrutinized by this high power committee and decide further course of action including its operation and quantum of amount. Committee will monitor the progress of Schemes /Projects approved & financed by the committee and it will have the liberty to alter, hold or withdraw the support extended if found necessary and for the best interest of the project / scheme. Committee will be convened once in three months to consider all matters forwarded by the Executive Council of KOA for final decision. The progress report of all projects / schemes approved by the committee and the quarterly accounts related to KOSPBS will be placed in the quarterly meeting for the information of the committee members and for necessary approval. President, Secretary General & Treasurer KOA will be the Vice Chairman, Convenor & Member of the of the Committee respectively.

KOA proposes to raise sufficient fund to finance the projects / schemes coming under the consideration of this Committee. Fund will be collected under CSR of various private / public Sector undertakings, and by way of Sponsorship, Donations, etc from various organisations, firms, individuals etc giving maximum leverages on the mode of payment so that the contributors shall be not be taxed much. A separate bank account will be operated for the transaction of the fund collected under this scheme which will be jointly operated by the Chairman of the Committee and either by the President or Secretary General or Treasurer of Kerala Olympic Association. Out of the total fund collected 33% will be utilised for the activities of KOA, 34% for the Sports promotion activities and 33% for various benevolent schemes.

We are sure that by launching this scheme we can go a long way in bringing professionalism in SSA’s, nurturing our talents to bring in more medals at National and International Competitions by introducing state of the art training programs, updating our officials at par with the International standard, extract the scope of IT to mobilise our sportspersons and sports administrators to better heights and last but not the least to support deserving sportspersons who are in need of technical & financial support for their better life. This scheme which is first of its kind in the Country will be another stepping stone of Kerala Olympic Association committed for the betterment of Kerala Sports upholding the Olympic Values in its true spirit.