Smart Scheme - Sportsman Adoption and Regular Training Scheme

SMART Scheme shall be a flagship program of Kerala Olympic Association which is an attempt to provide assistance to Kerala’s top athletes to win more medals in the International Competitions. The Scheme is designed to add a premium to the preparations of selected athletes of Individual disciplines, so that they can win Olympic medals in 2028 & 2032 Olympics and all National & International Competitions in between including World Championships of the disciplines in which the selected talent represents multi discipline events viz Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and Asian Championships etc. An expert committee appointed by KOA shall identify potential sportspersons for including in this scheme. This scheme is to give due contribution of Kerala to Indian sports in nurturing talents for 2028 and 2032 Olympic Games and all other International competitions in between This will be a unique two tier (Primary & Secondary) scheme in which talents shall be adopted by KOA, taking care of their sports training, education and personal life, as long as they are part of the scheme. State of the art training facilities shall be provided to talents, apart from engaging Indian Coaches. KOA shall consider tying up with renowned International training centers / Coaches, to give the best training available. Talents with a minimum level of performance in the recently conducted approved State/National Championship in Sub-Junior/Junior/Mini championship and fulfilling all parameters framed by the expert committee shall be considered for this scheme.

Based on the number of medals (117 Gold Medals) and the potential of Kerala athletes following disciplines are identified for SMART scheme.

  • Archery

  • Athletics

  • Boxing

  • Swimming

  • Rifle

Centralized Sports Training Centre (CSTC)

This is a scheme to support District Sports Associations (DSA) in providing specialized training in one centre identified by State Sports Association (SSA). This centre shall equip with proper infrastructure, equipment’s Space for theory classes, power point presentation and facilities for boarding and lodging for inmates.

Athletes & Coaches/Trainers identified by the DSA’s and recommended by District Olympic Association’s (DOA’s) can undergo specialized training in such centers for a minimum period of 14 days. This will help the DSA’s handicapped with proper training facilities to put their talented athletes & coaches/trainer under an expert team to bring in more confidence and to show a better performance in the Inter District Championships.

Special Effort Training Centre (SETC)

This scheme is to support those Olympic disciplines which are not developed in Districts. Kerala Olympic Association shall take the lead to develop such discipline in all Districts by establishing training centers with equipment’s & Trainers. Further Kerala Olympic Association shall assist the State Sports Association in constituting District Sports Associations properly, so that District Championship and training programs can be continued on regular basis which will make the State Championship meaningful and more competitive. To start with KOA shall develop 10 centres of the following disciplines.

  • Billiards

  • Bowling

  • Triathlon

  • Squash

Treasure Hunt (Strengthening District Teams)

Kerala Olympic Association shall consider supporting District Sports Associations coming under Olympic movement to mobilize their activities in the grass root level to increase units coming under the respective DSA’s and to bring in more boys and girls as the part of their discipline. This will create a strong base to all Olympic disciplines in the district and the quality of level of district competitions can be improved. KOA shall provide financial/technical and administrative support to DSAs to make this project more viable and productive. District Olympic associations shall be made responsible to monitor this project.

Santhwanam [Benevolent Scheme]

Kerala Olympic Association shall consider supporting those genuine sports persons who are in need of financial/ technical/ social support, ex sports persons, sports administrators, coaches etc. with meritorious achievements shall also come under this scheme. Request for support will be on merit and only genuine sports persons shall be considered for support. KOSPBS HPC (Kerala Olympic Sports Persons Benevolent Scheme- High Power Committee) shall be the final authority in selecting the beneficiaries coming under this benevolent scheme.

S4 [Sports for all – Sports for Health –Sports for Peace – Sports for Pride]

Upholding the spirit of Olympics Charter Kerala Olympic Association shall take the lead in developing a new culture in sports in the whole state of Kerala. Sports are an activity that can be adopted by people of all age. People are very much conscious of their health. Considering this fact Kerala Olympic Association has introduced an unique Physical Fitness & Sports Promotion online program STAY FIT- for school students through You Tube channel of Kerala Olympic Association, this program was a grand success. In continuation of stay fit program, KOA telecasted STAY ALERT – a self-defense program of girl students which was followed by another online program on YOGA. OLYMPIC WAVE- a physical fitness program for the elderly people has already launched. Kerala Olympic Association shall continue with its social commitments “SPORTS FOR ALL” without compromising its prime duties and responsibilities.