KOA is committed to groom the talented Kerala sports persons to represent the Country & to win medals in various International Competitions including Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, National Games, etc. Keeping this as target, KOA proposes world class training program to our talents, introducing good governance & professionalism in the administration of KOA and other Olympic State Sports Associations/ District Olympic Associations, enriching the standard of Sports Competitions, supporting the talented sportspersons to overcome their sports & personal difficulties if any, and to bring in a unique sports culture in the State of Kerala titled “sports for all”, for maintaining good physic, healthy mind, and to bring in peace to the society through Olympic Movement. In order to implement this project in the State, KOA has decided to introduce a scheme titled “Kerala Olympic Sports Promotion and Benevolent Scheme” (KOSPBS).


A High Power Committee (HPC) shall be constituted by the Executive Council of KOA, to oversee and monitor the implementation / progress of the scheme. The HPC shall be headed by a Retired High Court Judge as Chairman. Renowned and reputed persons from various walks of life and representatives from various Organisations will form the part of this Committee. All proposals coming for the consideration of KOSPBS shall be scrutinized by the HPC and decide further course of action including its operation and quantum of amount. Committee will monitor the progress of Schemes / Projects approved & financed by the committee and it will have the liberty to alter, hold or withdraw the support extended if found necessary and for the best interest of the project / scheme. Committee will ordinarily be convened once in three months to consider all matters forwarded by the Executive Council of KOA for final decision. The progress report of all projects / schemes approved by the committee and the quarterly accounts related to KOSPBS will be placed in the quarterly meeting for the information of the committee members and for necessary approval. All discussions will be entered in minutes. President, Secretary General & Treasurer KOA will be the Vice Chairman, Convenor & Member of the Committee respectively.


HPC shall consider projects / schemes coming under the KOSPBS forwarded by the EC of KOA. In general the following projects shall be focussed by the HPC.

  • Various sports promotion activities of Affiliated State Sports Associations, District Olympic Associations including conduct of International Competitions within the State, training programs, procuring of equipment’s/apparels, conduct of refresher courses, National / International Seminars, Exhibitions, IT related activities etc,
  • To support Kerala sportspersons who are in need of technical & financial support, particularly those sportspersons hailing from socially/financially & economically weaker section.


KOA proposes to raise sufficient fund to finance the projects / schemes coming under the consideration of this Committee. Fund will be collected under CSR of various private / public Sector undertakings, and by way of Sponsorship, Donations, etc from various organisations, firms, individuals etc giving maximum leverages on the mode of payment in a lump or in instalments so that the contributors shall not be taxed much. Out of the total fund collected, 33% shall be utilised for the activities of KOA; 34% for the Sports promotion activities and 33% for various benevolent schemes. All transactions of funds shall be through bank only; there shall not be any cash transaction unless otherwise decided by the HPC for reasons to be recorded.


Kerala Olympic Association shall invite projects / schemes from, State Sports Associations and District Olympic Associations for considering under KOSPBS. Initially the projects shall be evaluated by the Executive Council of KOA and forwarded to the HPC for final scrutiny & approval.
The implementation of the projects approved by the HP Committee shall be monitored by District Olympic Associations, State Sports Associations and Kerala Olympic Association as the case may be. DOA’s and SSA’s should submit the report of the projects to HPC through KOA, HPC will monitor the progress of Schemes / Projects approved & financed and it shall have the liberty to alter, hold or withdraw the support extended if found necessary, and for the best interest of the project / scheme.


Any purchase coming under KOSPBS shall be done only through proper tender process. KOA shall arrange for inviting the tenders from reputed firms/suppliers for the equipment’s approved by the HPC. After proper evaluation and scrutiny, the tabulated document shall be submitted to HPC for further course of action and final approval.


The beneficiaries of this scheme need to give wide publicity on the nature of support received under KOSPBS giving emphasis to the organization/company funding / supporting the scheme.


A separate bank account shall be operated in the name of KOSPBS for the transaction of the fund collected for the scheme, which shall be jointly operated by the Vice Chairman of KOSPBS (President, KOA) and Secretary General or Treasurer of Kerala Olympic Association.



The Chairman shall be the Head of the Committee and shall preside over all meetings of the Committee. He shall guide the Committee in all its activities. He shall advice and guide the members of HPC in the discharge of their duties. He shall have the powers to call for and peruse any document concerning the working of the committee including accounts to ensure transparent functioning of the committee if complaints are received in the matter.
In particular Chairman shall have the following powers and responsibilities.
a. To advice the committee with regard to its functioning for achieving the objectives of the Committee approved by the Executive Council of KOA.
b. To suggest measures to ensure that steps are taken by the officer bearers to avoid unauthorized expenditure.
c. To preside over the meetings of the committee and to direct convening of the meeting for any purpose if necessary.
d. If there is any change that needs to be taken in any projects as reported by the SSA/DOA and recommended by the EC of KOA, the Chairman can direct convening of emergent meeting to tackle any emergent situation.


President KOA shall be the Vice Chairman of the Committee. He shall supervise the Administration of the Committee. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, on due authorization, shall preside over all meetings.


Secretary General KOA shall be the Convener of the Committee and he will be the Chief Executive of KOSPBS. He shall be in charge of the funds of the committee and perform day to day monitoring of the activities and shall carry out all the correspondences on behalf of the HPC. In all important matters he shall consult the Chairman and Vice Chairman. He shall present all the reports / statement of accounts of KOSPBS before the Committee once in three months. The annual audited statement of accounts of KOSPBS must be presented in the HPC and the same must be forwarded to KOA for incorporating along with the general account statement of KOA for presenting before the Executive Council & General Council of KOA. Convener shall be responsible to call the meetings of the Committee and implement its decisions.


a. The HPC of KOSPBS need to meet at least once in three months.
b. Projects forwarded by the EC of KOA shall be evaluated in the meeting and necessary decision / approval shall be taken based on the merit of the scheme/s, including on financial assistance and its quantum.
c. To consider the quarterly and annual audited statement of accounts and reports of various schemes coming under KOSPBS.
d. Evaluation of various projects funded under KOSPBS.
e. To consider any modifications/deletions/additions/holding of support to the schemes approved by HPC.
f. Ratifications of any decisions taken by the Vice Chairman during interim period.


a. The Convener shall ensure that Accounts & Vouchers are maintained to cover all income and expenditure in respect of the KOSPBS. Accounts shall be audited by qualified Chartered Accountant at the end of every financial year and the report placed for discussion at the next meeting of the HPC.


a. The Chairman or any member of the HPC may resign from the Committee at any time. In the case of Chairman, it shall be handed over to the Vice Chairman. In respect of all others it shall be presented to the office bearer next above in hierarchy.


50% of the total members in the roll of HPC shall form the quorum for the HPC meetings.


The tenure of the HPC shall be for two years starting from 22nd November 2020.